Yacht Services

Engine Rooms | Electronics | Maintenance | Woodworking | Detailing | Moorage | Instruction | Safety

Engine Room

We supply reliable expertise to maintain and service every aspect of engine room care including hydraulic, stabilizer or mechanical intallation and repair in accordance with all yacht builder specifications. We also preform oil changes, bilge cleaning (in compliance with all enviromental rules and regulations) and will follow all service and maintenance schedules that your vessel needs to stay in top running condition. 

 Our technicians are ABYC, Wesmar, Northern Lights, & ABT-TRAC certified, among many other qualifications so you can trust us to do the job right!

Electronics and Electrical Systems

We can repair, replace, and install all electronic and navigational systems that are vital onboard your vessel. Our onsite Intellian, ABYC, Simrad & NEMA certified technicians consists of: 

Mickey- Our electrical engineer, well known for his electrical design work for Nordhavn Yachts amongst other major electrical companies, you could say at the least, he’s our electronical guru. 

Rob and Paul- Do all our electronics works from installation, upgrades, and maintenance for navigation and KVH systems. 

Some of the major companies we work with are: Simrad, Garmin, KVH, Furuno, Nobletech, & Maretron.

Systems Maintenance & Repair

Our certified technicians and installers can help you complete all your projects including: Sanitation,  Plumbing,  Water Maker,  HVAC,  Kabola Boilers,  & Refrigeration.  

We have had experience in plenty of different makes and models and will happily assist you in fixing or finding what is best suited for your vessel and needs.

Interior & Exterior Cosmetics and Woodwork

Our team of craftsman woodworkers can turn your interior into the second home you always wanted! Whether it is a total re-fit or just touchups and updates, theres no job we can't do! We understand the superyacht standard of workmanship and quality and with only the highest quality materials selected for your yacht, our results are second to none. 

 Our team's great attention to detail both in the work we do and how we protect your boat while aboard is of the highest importance to us. All interior woodwork and laminates will be kept to a yacht luster. Polished woods, varnished veneers, and upholstery will remain in top condition and the same exact standards applies to all exterior cosmetics that will be maintained to a high yacht standard- you wouldn't expect anything less!

Moorage Solution

Home is where your boat is! 

Let us arrange for the temporary or permanent mooring of your boat. Pacific Yacht Management has relationships with all of the major marinas in the Puget Sound area. We act as your on-shore management team that can arrange for all of your needs during your trip through or longer-term stay in the Pacific Northwest. 

 Many of our clients reside in the Seattle area and we tend to their boats on site and in cooperation with marinas, boat yards and ports throughout Puget Sound.

Shipboard Instruction

"Yachting 101" can be offered from Pacific Yacht Management's team. Knowledgeable and friendly teachers can help you with boat handling and operation, voyage preparation, mastering navigational electronics, and wheelhouse operations. 

We want you to be confident and competent in all areas of your yacht. 

Pacific Yacht Management has been approved and recommended by several insurance companies to instruct new owner's in the operation and maintenance of their vessels.

Safety and Seamanship Care

A serious but often overlooked matter, safety systems include all alarms, life rafts, EPIRBS, life rings, life jackets, flares, radio checks, extinguishers etc. 

We guarantee updated servicing for all safety equipment so you can always feel safe and secure regardless if you are on your vessel.

Interior & Exterior Detailing

Our standards of cosmetic care are second to none and we can provide regular wash downs, fine detailing before shows/cruises, polishing, and the very best in fiberglass and painted surface maintenance to keep your yacht in top notch condition year-round. 

This also includes interior detailing from a former chief stewardess, leaving your boat smelling, feeling and looking the way it deserves.