Yacht Agent

With years of industry experience, our yacht agents provide the knowledge and services you need to save you time and headaches associated with yacht logisitics, provisioning, and border crossings.

We have worked with agents all over the world. On the West Coast of North America we work in conjunction with many yacht agents including:

Mark Drewlow @ C2C San Diego

 Jaimie Wakeham @ NW Yacht Support 

 Yacht Services of Alaska

Your New Agent

Pacific Yacht Management, our agents have ample knowledge of local laws/regulations and hold long standing relationships with maritime and custom authorities. If you are planning on entering US waters, we can help you complete all needed paperwork for Custom Border Protection, the State of Washington, B1/B2 visas, and pilotage requirements to make the passage as stress free as possible for you and your crew. 

 We will give you as much or as little support as you require to give you the best experience possible while in Washington State. 

 PYM has spent the time needed to find all the best locations and trusted local providers for dining, provisions, moorage, and attractions. Whether it is for relaxation for fun, with our knowledge you will come to Seattle and be ready to hit the ground running.


We can source the best quality foods, wine, and supplies that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Our agents also have experience working with suppliers from Fort Lauderdale and across the globe. 

We know food and understand finding the best quality is hard to do while cruising. 

PYM also offers shipping of provisions to Alaska. We are able to pack your order and ensure it is delivered directly from the airport to your vessel. We have been supporting yachts on thier summer crusing routes through Alaska and more isolated areas of the Pacific Northwest. 

 We can also assist with floral arrangements, interior and exterior supplies, and frieght forwarding services. 

Captain & Crew Services

Additionally, we offer qualified Captains and crew that focus on boat deliveries, sea trials and guest cruises. Our captains have been running vessels in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years. You can trust us to make your owner's or guest's summer cruising a memorable and comfortable experience. To find out more, visit out captain & crew page.

Washington State Regulations


‘Every vessel in the Puget Sound Pilotage District - all Washington (WA) waters east of 123° 24’ W - or the Grays Harbor Pilotage District – the waters of Grays and Willapa Harbors - is subject to compulsory WA pilotage unless exempt. The WA waters of the Columbia River Bar and the Columbia River are subject to the pilotage laws and rules set by the State of Oregon.’-Washington Board of Pilotage Commissioners 

PYM is happy to help you with completing the application and turning in the paperwork to obtain a pilotage exemption waiver. 

 Use Tax 

Our agents are well versed in Washington State tax laws related to Use Tax and non-resident vessel repair affidavits. We have a notary public in our staff that is available to help with signing off with these repair affidavits. Please feel free to contact us to speak further about your individual needs. 

 For vessels that are not flagged in Washington State, the Washington State use tax limits the amount of time you are allowed to spend in Washington waters each year. We have a notary public on our staff who is well versed in Non-Resident Vessel Repair Affidavits and Use Tax regulations. Please feel free to contact us to speak further about your individual needs. 

Ballast Tanks 

Washington State has specific rules for vessels containing ballast water tanks. We are happy to help you submit all your paperwork in-connection with these laws. 

Local marinas we work in conjunction with: